Subaru Takes on the Next Generation Car Market

With breaking news about innovative car technology and how it will affect how cars are built in the near future, car companies have been working overtime to develop the best contenders which are ecologically friendly and technologically advanced. Gone are the days of developing cars composed only of hardware. Along with more storage space for your Shearling boots, now there are on-board computers capable of amazing feats. However, the drive for the gold in hybrid technology is in the lead and Subaru has responded with the Impreza sedan as well as an interesting 5 door model.

Subaru is venting news about featuring a hybrid powertrain in new models to come for the Impreza. It would seem they have caught wind of Korea’s technology ideas which will also present in 2016. What we have the luxury of watching is an automotive revolution taking place. The hybrid powertrain being developed by car manufacturers is aimed for better performance with a green stroke to help toward environmental preservation. Let us take a look at what Subaru might have waiting at the starting line.

WRX STISubaru is offering the standard Global Platform beast with the WRX STI design boasting the 2.0 liter boxer FA20 engine matched with an electrical motor claiming to flush the same prowess the gas power can offer. Basically, Subaru contends ahead with greater horsepower and a system for four wheel drive. The transmission will feature dual-clutch transmission, fully automated to control this leap to a new hybrid powertrain. In the end, it appears Eastern automobile manufacturers are ready to take on the new breed hybrid market.

Naturally, any fully developed hybrid model would be grossly incomplete without battery packs to accumulate residual movement from all power systems. The Impreza models are fully set for power conservation on all levels. Subaru has taken into consideration aerodynamics with a more streamlined design, winning greater mileage even with gas usage. We do not yet know how this will rival Hyundai’s Ioniq and how real, long-term user ratings will go. Subaru has clearly considered environmental friendly development.

The Impreza and WRX STI designs definitely have power. Average horsepower is well set above American car engine standards. These new vehicles are something out of old comic books in a way. The Impreza has a name to match the intention. Surely, performance and driver experience will be the bottom line, but a high horsepower powertrain for a hybrid is a fantastic blow to the future of automotive engineering.