Smart Car Evolution into a New Future

Smart CarSmart was begun at what seems a lifetime ago. 1993 was the dawn of the creation of smart cars. There is a brand known as “Smart,” but this post focuses more on the pervasive concept as it has entered other car markets and inspired new concepts. Originally, the cars were designed for only two passengers fit into a tiny vehicle which made for easy parking and maneuverability. You will see some of these original Smart cars on American roads and wonder, “would I want to ever risk an accident in that?” This notion was considered in design.

The real root of intelligent vehicles has been pervading the markets of 36 countries for years. We have the Tesla S at a strong lead and Hyundai just announced the Ioniq, a truly unique hybrid with heavy computing on board. These are not the typical, tiny European counterparts. These are vehicles meant to provide power in addition to automobile maneuverability and passenger capacity while considering ecologically sound concepts.

There is a demand for ecologically friendly cars, but also a strong demand for performance and design. Now, manufacturers are setting their site clearly in this direction along with on-board computing systems to support navigation and safe driving. In fact, a lady in St. Lucia Florida was recently arrested by a 911 Assist system in her Ford Vehicle. It was reported as a hit and run. The software of the care recognized an impact and promptly reported it to 911 Emergency Dispatch.

These are examples of the future of automotive technology. Car hacking, using random code generators to open locks and turn on vehicles would be the criminal side of it. To a large extent, manufacturers of smart vehicles are aware of potential dips and dives. For us it means safer driving and possibly improved driving as time moves forward and new car intelligence is engaged for development to make eco-friendly cars with high performance and intelligent operating systems.

The Tesla S, Nissan leaf, the Prius, and eventually even the new Hyundai Ioniq will have to move over for even better technology. In a way, it is good to see smart car evolution moving into the future. In fact, even Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently quoted offering a little puzzle for people to think about. Basically, he said there are two sealed rooms and one has a gas powered vehicle inside, running and the other has an electric car inside and it is also running. He challenged people to think which they would rather be locked up with for an hour without a gas mask. This is the future we may very well need to consider.