Hyundai Makes the News with a New Breed Hybrid

hyundai-i-ioniq-conceptHyundai, the practical South Korean car manufacturer, is set to release their latest hybrid in January of 2016 and it is called the Ioniq. All the news features at the moment are tantalizing teasers with some photos and a bit of news to lure the hybrid buyers of tomorrow in to what they are naming as the next step in automobile hybrid evolution.

This new hybrid model, destined to be just the beginning of more to come, offering either a fully electric vehicle or the traditional gasoline and electric hybrid power train options for the driver. This clearly bodes a new dawn for competing hybrids to live up to. The information is scarce but promising, as Hyundai leaders answer the call for better hybrid technology in cars.

The executive chief of Hyundai, Yang Woong-Chul, announced the company’s effort to meet the standards of high quality driving in the eco-friendly market which car manufacturers should have turned to long ago. Toyota and Nissan clearly have a sparkling technological contender in the ring with them now.

One has to wonder if such a blatant defiance of a totally oil-driven industry will have negative economic repercussions for the Korean car manufacturer. This company has been a topic of jokes in the past, but this technology sets a new playing field rather than simply leveling it. As far as environmental clean-up proponents are concerned, with a growing populace of support, the Ioniq is headed in the right direction with powerful speed.

The now typical hybrid vehicle will get around town, but it will hardly make good driving at high speeds without plenty of fuel injection. With the Ioniq, the driver will have the ability to leverage the car’s gas or electric capacities. Essentially, we end up with the fastest green-friendly car to ever hit the vehicle market. It is precisely this market appeal Hyundai is aiming for and the marketing strategy is nicely on target to match.

With fluctuating gas prices usually on the upper end, drivers are driving less because it is too expensive. Power companies, on the other hand, are taking initiative to literally drive clean energy into the future at an affordable rate. With both the automotive and power companies pushing toward this gain for drivers, who knows what will happen? Basically, most of us are driving tomorrow’s vehicle dinosaurs. The Hyundai Ioniq is intended to be a fun and responsive driving vehicle with an awesome design. Driving technology like this has never been unleashed to the public before.