How do Electric Vehicles Truly Rate?

The Tesla Model S is truly an epic vehicle in both modern electronics and vehicular innovation. This brilliant car addresses environmental concerns, as it is an electric car, but it also shares the values of captivating design and powerful longevity. It was among the top selling cars in 2015, nearly killing the Nissan Leaf sales of 2014. Excellent. There is another electric car, and well designed at that, but what happens when modern technology takes another track?

As automobile technology progresses, we begin to see deeper manifestations of computer technology within them. It is no longer so easy to fix your own car unless you possess some computer knowledge. This is because these hybrid and electric vehicles are actually computer driven to a large extent. Certainly, the idea of vehicular safety and eco-friendly driving are fantastic but there are some concerns that most personal injury attorney Santa Ana would be welcome to capitalize on.

Tesla SElectric vehicles have computer systems which pervade almost all mechanical functions of the car. It is no longer nuts, bolts, and parts. Now cars can be responsive to the internet. Consider this for a moment. Has your computer ever gotten a virus? If not, consider yourself lucky. On this note, car hacking is now a reality. This has truly been an issue for many years. It is simple to hack automatic car locks, alarm systems, and tracking systems. How do you think insurance companies determine you are a good driver? It isn’t just traffic reports, people who work with bad credit car loans Winnipeg know this.

Security researchers Marc Rogers and Kevin Mahaffey managed to take the Tesla S and hack it to the point of shutting it down completely. They found loose points in the software and used it to their advantage, under controlled testing, to hack the operating systems of this dynamite electric hybrid vehicle. By shutting it down through a manually attached laptop access, they proved the vehicle could be hacked.

The good news is that patches for the operating system on the vehicle were soon sent out. The security loopholes for the Tesla S are repaired and the car is back up to its former status as an amazing smart car. This still leaves a person wondering how fallible smart cars are going to become. As technology advances, so do ways to tamper with the technology, particularly if the software is on an open network. One could overrate the concept and jump to the idea of massive, apocalyptic car shut downs in the future. It is unlikely that car hacking will come to such a scale.